Tweet it away with Loklak

At loklak, we harvest tweets, we collect, dump and index tweet search results allowing you to run an anonymous search using our API, No user accounts and no authorization required to do that. We’ve made it quite far with the application and there’s plenty of things to look forward to. A great back end always requires a great front end. As a GSoC student I’ve been working on the design and the authentication part required for the user to post through loklak app itself without the feel that he’s come out of twitter onto a completely different platform.

We’ve reached quite a stage today crossing our 1st stage out of the 4 planned so far to complete the application. Through loklak you can now register / signup using your twitter account and everything still feels like it’s all so beautiful and still intact with your experience.

We’ve been working a lot to make things stable and easy for new developers to onboard and help in the development, throught out this process we have cleaned up quite a few unused libraries, streamlined our application and its performance.

The web interface for Loklak is still in its alpha stages and there’s still ongoing work to make this awesome. Currently we support the functionality to search for a specific content using our search, a twitter wall to showcase during conferences and summits and use it as a live twitter wall and a brilliant maps feature visualizing the locations of the tweets.

The webclient is built using JavaScript and using task runners like gulp, a proxy service like oauth-proxy and other services like iframely

We’re gearing up for more work in the upcoming weeks with lots of changes and a more robust solution which is much more easier to use and intuitive with our 2nd Milestone to accomplish. Join us in is development here on github. See you all next week with more milestones accomplished.

Tweet it away with Loklak