The all new “Gooey” GUI for Python API

Loklak Python API is now Windows friendly with the all new GUI.


Thanx to Gooey!  You don’t need to be command prompt or Powershell “specialist” to use the Loklak Python API. Just use the GUI and follow simple steps to fetch results from the powerful Loklak. Gooey provides several UI options for python applications.


After a bit of thought and careful examination of GooeyExamples, it became pretty conclusive that the “Column Layout” would be perfect to capture the detailed options that Loklak API supports.

Earlier code structure of   /bin/loklak did not support the “Column Layout” UI format. UI demanded the use of subparsers(refer this and this) and therefore some tweaking was required. This is how the code transformation looks like!

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And the best part is that power users can still enjoy the terminal!


After the API was “Column UI” ready, only two lines are required to integrate Gooey with the API.

from gooey import Gooey

before def main(): in /bin/loklak

And there you go. These are how the results look like!



Pretty sleek isn’t it!

To download and install Gooey please refer this.

The all new “Gooey” GUI for Python API