Loklak gets a makeover !

Things have made tremendous progress since the last time we’ve posted. Loklak has undergone a massive design change and a lot of critical bugs were fixed. The loklak webclient which is the frontend to the loklak server has made tremendous enhancements and progress in this period. We now support an amazing authentication with twitter and the ability to post a tweet, favorite and retweet the tweets you see.

At the same time, the search functionality to the tweets harvested on the loklak server has undergone massive enhancements and it’s now possible to look for tweets which are only images, videos etc.., The tweets can also be visualized based on their location on an interactive map which shows more tweets in an area as you scroll and interact more with the details and markers present on the map.

A profanity filter has also been implemented allowing the users / creators of the wall to create the wall and only showcase the contents that’s suitable for showcasing during a conference where loklak wall is being used.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.09.21 pm

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.19.52 pm

There’s still more exciting developments in progress so that the application reaches the final outcome. This is the 2nd Milestone we’ve accomplished and we’re striving to achieve more and deliver a better experience.

Your feedback is always appreciated, we’d love to know more about what you think. In case you have a feature in mind and want to talk to us, we’re available on the mailing list¬†or you could always file an issue for a feature you’ve always wanted or to report a bug.

Interested in helping us ? Join us in its development on Github, Star us and show your support.

Loklak gets a makeover !