Setting up Susi for access from Telegram Messenger

Telegram is one of the popular applications for communication in the open source community and was one of the first apps to come out with end to encryption soon to be followed suit by whatsapp messenger and other messengers. Telegram is used by a large number of people and we the folks at loklak put on our thinking hats and decided why not provide susi’s capabilities to those using Telegram and the telegram integration to the ask susi messengers integration was born.

Consuming the Susi API with Telegram is fairly straightforward in telegram. The first step is the use of botfather in telegram ensures that the bots can be created with ease. So the first step is to login into telegram with your user account and search and talk to BotFather. Bot father would ask a few questions and then provide the required token. You need to save this token and the bot powered by susi is now available.



This sets up the bot and provides the token, the next step is to use the token and setup the way in which it responds. This was done by keeping the token as an environment variable

var telegramToken = process.env.TELEGRAM_ACCESS_TOKEN;

and continuing to build the response system around what should happen when a message event is received from telegram. To start the bot the standard entry to the bot happens using the /start message that’s sent to the telegram service.

bot.onText(/\/start/, function (msg, match) {
	var fromId =;
	var resp = 'Hi, I am Susi, You can ask me anything !';
	bot.sendMessage(fromId, resp);

This initiates the bot if it’s the first time a user is using the bot, here after every event is read and processed by susi and the response is returned

bot.on('message', function (msg) {
	var chatId =;
	var queryUrl = ''+encodeURI(msg.text);
	var message = '';
	// Wait until done and reply
	if (msg.text !== '/start') {
			url: queryUrl,
			json: true
		}, function (error, response, body) {
			if (!error && response.statusCode === 200) {
				message = body.answers[0].actions[0].expression;
				bot.sendMessage(chatId, message);
			} else {
				message = 'Oops, Looks like Susi is taking a break, She will be back soon';
				bot.sendMessage(chatId, message);

Here’s how Susi’s capabilities are now available to all those users on telegram.

Setting up Susi for access from Telegram Messenger

Telegram Chatbot using loklak

It is now possible to retrieve single tweets within telegram using a telegram loklak bot. This is a kind of ‘first try’ to make an AI out of the tweet database.



Telegram Chatbot using loklak