First Loklak plugin added to WordPress directory

Recently first Loklak plugin was accepted in WordPress directory. We are planning to add more and more plugins with loklak integration and it is an awesome start. The plugin Tweets Widget is a minimalist tweet feed which can render tweets from API or Twitter API v1.1 .

The widget uses Twitter Auth WordPress API (wp-twitter-api) by _timwhitlock_ and Loklak’s PHP API for tweet rendering purposes. Both the APIs are added as submodules.

Tweets Widget shows tweet feed on your wordpress website. You can add its shortcode or just add it as a Widget using wordpress’s drag and drop feature.

It is compatible with both Twitter as well as Loklak API. The settings page allows you to select one of the two modes for your current feed (as shown below).


After you provide the default settings, you have to provide a tweet title, handle, number of tweets and some more custom feature


See the screenshot of a sample feed below.


It uses loklak search API (code sample shown below).


The main widget code can be seen here.

First Loklak plugin added to WordPress directory