Encouraging new contributors to join and spreading the word on open source

Open source has always caught the interests of us developers here at loklak. I had the opportunity to interact with quite a few students and share the GSoC experience, the open source work we’re doing here and how they could contribute.

On reaching the location BVRIT-Hyderabad, I was surprised to see a majority female audience waiting to listen and get started to open source. It was a great time interacting with them and telling them the journey from my side, my share of learnings and how they could get started to open source after a demo of the loklak application.

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A few of the questions that were handled were

  1. What is open source ?
  2. Why do people contribute to open source software ?
  3. What are the required tools to get started to open source, How can you contribute ?
  4. What are the steps to make your first contribution ?
  5. What is Google Summer of Code ? How does the application process go ?
  6. What are the possibilities with FOSSASIA and Loklak ?
  7. How to get started to contributing to loklak on github ?

The event has seen quite some interest among the members present there with their Principal taking initiative to motivate more students into open source software development. This has resulted in quite some github activity for loklak, where there are members watching and starring the loklak project either to use it in a project of theirs or to contribute to the server and the webclient.

Encouraging new contributors to join and spreading the word on open source