Android Twitter Search App with loklak

Everyone can create an app using the loklak_wok_android libraries. We now have an Android Tweet Search App, that fetches results using the TwitterScraper class.

Check out the code:


  • Devices running Android-KitKat 4.4 or greater are supported.
  • Android Studio

Project setup

  • Download and setup Android Studio
  • Clone/ download this project. Cloning is recommended if you plan to contribute
  • Navigate to the directory where you saved this project and select the root folder ,and hit OK.
  • Wait for Android Studio to build the project with Gradle.
  • Once the build is complete, you can start playing around!
  • You can test it by running it on either a real device or an emulated one by going to Run>Run ‘app’ or presing the Run icon in the toolbar.


Type a query and boom!


Watch out for the WiFi! This App only operates under WiFi


Android Twitter Search App with loklak