Loklak API now supports PHP

Now loklak API comes in PHP language as well. It provides a simplistic interface for all your PHP applications.

Selection_010Being released as a package, it uses Requests API to render results from loklak.org and all you really need to do is include loklak.php in the file where you want loklak API results.


Create an object of class Loklak

$loklak = new Loklak($base_url);

and you are good to go!

The Aggregations API has been improved to send the count parameter with request query. Error Handling has been enabled for better debugging!

Aggregations API

It also comes with exhaustive list of examples for each API function, to help your application take full benefit of the services Loklak provides.


Loklak Aggregations API example

Tests are written with PHPUnit to make it robust! and PHPLint is used to keep it clean!

Now you can even add loklak API support to your WordPress plugins via admin settings module in /Lib/loklak-api-admin.php.

Just include it in your file as need be.



Just tick the checkbox and unleash the power of Loklak!

Loklak API now supports PHP