This is a List of ideas for Google Summer of Code. The list is being expanded over the upcoming days. Students can also submit their own ideas.

The source code of the various loklak apps is at

Change the loklak wok Android into two apps a) as an independent library and b) into a loklak app with search and tweet features

The loklak wok Android app, currently shows the list of tweets getting collected in a beautiful way.

The next goal is to develop the app in two ways: a) The data collection of the app should be an independent library

  • Developers should be able to add the library to other apps (First steps to do this have been taken)
  • The current app is using Processing to show the list of tweets. This choice was good to get the app running quickly, however it increases the footprint of the app and complicates the development of the app. Therefore, please implement the features using technologies with a smaller footprint b) The full featured loklak app should enable users to search loklak and to tweet to the loklak server (and cross-post to twitter using the loklak server)
  • This app should make use of the loklak accounts
  • It should also enable attachments
  • The app should also still be able to collect tweets using the independent loklak wok library and portray them


Develop a short message publisher with numerous attachments for loklak

The first version of the loklak tweet message publisher offered the ability to post messages to loklak and twitter. The feature of the prototype in the loklak webclient was that it could post maps to loklak as an attachment and it converted the map attachment into an image for twitter.

The next step is to develop an app based on this prototype as an Angular2 application as follows:

  • A tweet like app that uses the same number of tweet characters as twitter and posts messages to loklak
  • App makes use of the loklak accounting system
  • Part of that project is to enhance the loklak server accounting system and APIs to make it fully usable for the app user
  • The user should be able to add a twitter account to the loklak server account (all account data should be stored on loklak server)
  • The app should work as a stand alone version and it should be possible to plug it into the service of (loklak_search)
  • As data is not stored on the app, but on the loklak server, there is no need for server side scripts and it should be possible to run the app as a Github pages service.
  • The feature of the app is that it can add other attachments including
    • Add a map as an attachment and show a map in the tweet (generate this map as a picture when cross-posting to twitter itself) – This feature exists already in the web client and loklak server
    • Add text/code as an attachment and generate it as an image when cross-posting to twitter itself
    • Propose more suitable attachments


Show loklak search results as auto-refreshing media wall

The view of the search results is currently showing as a list of results. The aim of the project is to offer an additional view as a wall.

  • Part of this issue is also to implement an “advanced search” page that offers an extensive list of search outputs including:
    • for specific media (images, video)
    • options to limit searches to specific keywords, accounts, number of tweets
    • specify facets that should not show up in the search, e.g. certain accounts.
  • Also implement direct URLs
  • Additional features might include color options for the walls

Please investigate existing wall services, propose a list of features and implement them.


Develop the loklak apps service into a fully featured apps site and add more apps

The site at shows a number of apps as a showcase. The next goal is to develop the site into an apps site, where users can a) download apps that are shown here and get information on how to integrate them and b) where users can use the apps and test them. Furthermore the aim is to increase the number of apps on the service. Please make a list of new apps you could develop and integrate and propose a way to enhance the listing similar to existing mobile app stores.


Add more harvester to loklak server

The loklak server has the rudimentary ability to add harvester. It cannot be triggered through the search yet. The results are not queued and are not yet added to the index. In order to make additional services work, the data collection structure also needs to be changed. Please implement the harvesting of more services and ensure the system works accordingly.


Implement additional widgets, info boxes and pages in loklak search

loklak search already offers a number of widgets and info boxes. Please propose additional widgets, info boxes and pages. Make a list of possible widgets using the loklak api and implement them.


News-source-finder with loklak

A lot of papers and news websites copy news from the same sources. The questions arise:

  • Which is the original source of one message?
  • Over the course of many news: can we detect a network of journalists that copy regularly form each other.

We have already have the search engine loklak in place. It can be used as a source of information. Can we use it to answer such questions?


Track Emojis on Twitter and show them on a map using the loklak API

Track Emojis on Twitter and show them on a map using the loklak API. Let’s get inspired by the Emoji tracker:

Can we show emojis used on twitter on a map and generate statistics for regions to track the mood of people around the world?