Codecov and Gemnasium support for Loklak Webclient

To follow good development practices,  Codecov and Gemnasium support were recently added to loklak_webclient.

Codecov gathers the coverage reports, from all languages, and aggregate the results in a single cohesive report. it helps to find how much code is covered by your tests, sends the information back to developers, to ensure good code quality.

To Add Codecov support to loklak_webclient, I used codecov multilingual bash command. Since coverage report is to be sent to Codecov after Travis CI executes the test suite on the repository, following code was added to .travis.yml.

  - bash <(curl -s

Gemnasium keeps track of projects dependencies. Since it has extended its support to NodeJS projects on github, it was ideal choice for loklak_webclient. I will be adding Gemnasium support for several other loklak repositories in future.blog3_1

Badges for both integrations were added to

Codecov and Gemnasium support for Loklak Webclient