Big Data Collection with Desktop version of loklak wok

A desktop version of loklak wok is now available. The goal of the wok is to enable users to collect and parse data from social services like twitter and enable users, citizen scientists and companies to analyze big data.

The origin of the project is a tweet by @Frank_gamefreak. Thank you!

Please join the development on GitHub:


How to compile and run

  • import required lib by running
  • compile with mvn clean install -Pexecutable-jar
  • run artifact in target dircetory: java -jar wok-desktop-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-all-dependencies.jar
  • stop program with ESC key

To be done

  • The code has been hacked and butchered and is some kind of Frankenstein. It needs cleanup.
  • Font size is hardcoded. How ugly is that?
  • It would be cool to have a project for code shared between Android and Desktop version.
  • The only dependency which can not be resolved via Maven is loklakj. Wouldn’t it be cool to change that?
  • The used font does not seem to support Asian characters.
Big Data Collection with Desktop version of loklak wok