A tweet feed for loklak.org

Loklak.org has a page for front-end apps that showcase the uses of loklak’s API, and in the first week I’ve tried to warm up for GSOC by making a ‘realtime’ twitter feed, as the existing front-end apps were mainly single http get requests and didn’t seem very appealing to me, and also to prepare for my front-end app data visualisations GSOC project.

To obtain updated data, the app polls the loklak API on a regular interval. This is done rather simply by using $interval in AngularJS, which is just a wrapper around window.setInterval(). For the realtime feed, I set the minimum rate for querying at an arbitrary 1min so as not to exceed the limits.

The next thing I needed to solve was where to store the data, as I didn’t have a database to work with, local storage was the only option. A useful module for this is “ngStorage“. At a maximum of 5MB it isn’t much, but decent enough to store a few thousand tweets and showcase the features of loklak. If developers wanted to create an external app for loklak, they could also use the front-end apps if they were well modularized.

Lastly, to display in a fancy pinterest-like grid, I’ve decided to use an angular module called “angulargrid“. To achieve the infinite scroll effect, I created another scope variable, to take a subset of the data in local storage. AngularJS then helps with rendering changes in the data model to the feed, by using $watch() on local storage.

Do checkout the tweetfeed:


Some areas to improve:

  • Refactor services to make it more modular
  • Improve the regex to account for emojis and other tags
A tweet feed for loklak.org

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